New Construction Homes For Sale Spokane WA

    New Construction Homes For Sale Spokane WA


    With the Spokane real estate market in a healthy recovery, we’re starting to see new construction home sales come back. In the years after the crash of the real estate market, many Spokane home builders found it difficult to build new construction homes to compete with numerous foreclosure properties that had suddenly become available. During that time home builders found it difficult to find construction materials at a price affordable enough to leave them room for a profit on a new construction home. The good news is that the market has stabilized and you can now find new construction homes that are priced to compete with the resale homes that are currently offered in Spokane.  Depending on your neighborhood preference, you can find a number of new construction home developments spread throughout the Greater Spokane area. Click on any of the links below to view every newly built Spokane home for sale in some of the most popular new construction home developments in Spokane, WA and the surrounding areas.

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    Building A Custom Home Spokane WA


     Spokane WA New Construction Realtors®

    The biggest benefit of building a new home is the ability to customize the design, fixtures to be installed, size and layout of every single room in your future home. The most customized rooms are typically the kitchen, the bathrooms and the master bedroom. By contracting with a reputable Spokane home builder, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of products to finish your home. Unfortunately, not all home builders are created equally. There are some really fantastic home builders in Spokane, WA and there are some Spokane home builders who you absolutely want to avoid.  Choosing the wrong contractor, real estate developer or home builder can be devastating to your finances and can turn your real estate dream into a nightmare. To avoid this, we recommend thoroughly consulting with a qualified Spokane Real Estate Broker who specializes in new construction home sales prior to signing any kind of an agreement with a home builder. You’ll want to know what kind of reputation a builder has and what kind of creative freedom you’ll have in choosing the products that will be installed in your home. The most important thing to remember in  pursuing your custom home build is to have your own representation.  You should first seek out the right real estate broker for your needs. Your real estate broker will help to guide you through the process, help you to avoid the Spokane home builders with poor reputations, advise you on the terms of your contract, help you to structure a legally binding purchase and sale contract and to act as a buffer between you and the home builder. This will ensure that your experience is a good one and that your best interests are always considered. Many new home developments feature an in-house real estate professional who at first may seem like they are working for you, the buyer, when they are in fact really representing the builder. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. Any on-site real estate agent or development staff represent the home builder or developer and their interests only. The best part of choosing your own representative is that it won’t cost you anything. Home builders have included the cost of paying your real estate professional into the cost of every home they sell. So you might as well have someone who truly represents you instead of the home builder. Some home builders and real estate developers will tell you that you’ll get a better price if you use their real estate broker or representative because they don’t have to pay a cooperating broker compensation. The fact of the matter is that this is simply not true. In most cases, the home builder can offer you the same price regardless of who represents you. If you use the builder’s real estate agent, the home builder typically pays that agent a double commission. You can see why it makes much more sense for you to have your own representation. For more information on newly built Spokane homes, new construction homes for saleRealtors® who specialize in new construction homes and Spokane real estate developments, call (509) 979-5516 or visit:

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