Luxury Home Marketing with The ‘Ohana Realty Group

    Luxury Home Marketing with The ‘Ohana Realty Group

    We specialize in internet marketing, utilizing techniques such as search engine optimization, social media optimization and video marketing. This allows us to reach more potential buyers for your home more quickly, often times resulting in multiple offer situations and a higher sales price. If you’re considering listing a property in the Greater Spokane area then you’ll want to speak with one of our highly-trained Spokane Real Estate Brokers.

    Did you know that on average we receive anywhere from 35,000 to 45,000 hits a month to our Spokane Real Estate websites, resulting in anywhere from 600 to 800 brand new buyer leads each and every month? What kind of traffic did you previous agent generate for your listing?

    For an example of our video marketing techniques and what our brokers can do to help you sell your Spokane area home, please view this video: Luxury Home Video Example


    For more information on any home for sale in the Greater Spokane area, please visit:

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