Investing in Real Estate

    Add Real Estate to Your Investments

    Real Estate has been a stable investment strategy for many years, with home values historically appreciating over the long term.  While Real Estate did take a hit during the 2008 market collapse, conditions are looking favorable for those who are investing in real estate.  Housing is a hot market right now, which will fuel market gain.  Interest is high right now due to several factors:

    • Increased home appreciation and values
    • Continued low interest rates
    • Availability of credit, allowing investors to purchase an investment property with a low down payment.

    A good starting place for a great ROI would be a small multi-unit building or a duplex.  The investor can live in one unit, rent out the rest and be close by to monitor and maintain control.  Also consider buying distressed properties, remodeling and reselling.

    Before considering a real estate investment, consult with your financial adviser or tax professional.

    Work with Real Estate Agents to find properties in the neighborhoods of your interest.  We are The ‘Ohana Realty Group can provide you with information on properties on the market that can generate income and distressed properties that you can remodel and flip.  Call on us at 509-979-5516 or visit our comprehensive website which updates by the hour and gives you the most updated information on new listings and price changes.  We can help you make Real Estate Investing a smart move for your portfolio.


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