How to Sell Your Home This Spring

    How to Sell Your Home This Spring

    Spring time brings us a big boost in the local real estate market and it can often be the difference maker for a seller who is anxious to get a head start on the competition. Homebuyers today are a nit-picky, cautious bunch, and they’re looking for steals and deals for their hard-earned money. Sellers need to not only price their homes well to stand out from the crowd, but they need to thoroughly prepare their homes for the selling process. Thus far in 2015 we have seen nearly every home that we’ve listed sell in under 14 days on the market and often for full price or sometime for over full price. The Spokane real estate market has changed dramatically since the recession of 2007/2008. If you’re planning on selling your property this Spring, or anytime in 2015 for that matter, then you’ll want to be sure to put your best foot forward. Here are some tips to help you prepare your home for sale:


    Curb Appeal Matters

    First impressions matter, and as the saying goes, “you only get one chance at a first impression”. On the exterior of your home you’ll want to be sure to clean up the landscaping and freshen up any flower beds and garden areas. Pack up your tidbits, decorative items, flags and other items that you’ve put out to personalize your property. You might also consider some color updates and a refresher on some of the exterior painting that may have a faded or sun-baked look. A new coat of paint on the garage can really make a difference. Remember that many of today’s homebuyers will do a “drive-by” and they will disqualify a home based on the curb appeal. So make sure that your property glows from the street and entices a potential buyer to at the very least take a look at what’s inside.

    Depersonalize & Declutter 

    Buyers don’t care about your family and the many family photos that you may have hung around your home. Take your kid’s pictures off the walls and swap them out for something neutral and impersonal that will make it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves in the home. If you have very particular taste in art and decor, pack it up and replace it with something that you might find in a Pier 1 showroom floor. It doesn’t matter how pricey the pieces, buyers aren’t art experts, and taste is typically entirely unique to the individual. If you cannot afford or don’t want to spend extra money on neutral decor items, then try to just keep the more generic pieces up while you pack away the more personal items. The main thing to keep in mind is to keep the home in a state that would allow a buyer to picture their own decor in the home. So in this case, less is often more.

    Clean Up & Keep Your Home Tidy

    Don’t just make your beds, put your toys and tools away and keep the sink free of dirty dishes, but de-clutter and minimize. You might enjoy the convenience of having your stack of magazines on the table, but buyers don’t and they want to see a home that appears to be professionally maintained. Realtor’s® often advise their clients to consider how a homeowner maintains the cleanliness of their home and if a home appears to be poorly kept-up then there’s a good chance that the seller has ignored maintaining the things that are not at first apparent. This means that the overall condition of your home may be judged on how well care for your personal belongings. If you don’t take care of your personal items then you probably haven’t cared for and maintained your home very well. Potential home buyers may also not agree with your fun pillow sayings or those cute vinyl stickers that you put up on the wall. A little work and a big trash bag can make a huge difference. If your house is empty, you might have a professional come in and stage your home with furniture from their warehouse inventory. Good home staging can be the difference between a full price offer and an offer for sometimes thousands less. For referrals to some of the best and most affordable home staging companies in Spokane, call our real estate hotline at (509) 979-5516.

    Small Projects Can Mean BIG Returns

    Don’t do major renovations to your property before putting up for sale. You likely won’t ever see a return on your investment in the sale. Choose some smaller yet effective updates, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. You might consider re-grouting the tile, or maybe adding new countertops or a kitchen backsplash. If you can, add space where it doesn’t exist, like refinishing of finsishing a basement. Believe it or not, a new front door can offer one of the highest returns and if you’re not willing to replace the front door then at the very least your should consider a tasteful fresh coat of paint.

    Check For Cracks

    Take a walk around your home and look in the basement for big cracks in your foundation or in any structural area. Inspectors will come through and point these out to any potential buyers. Chances are it will cost you a lot less to fix it now rather than later, and the last thing you want is to have buyers negotiating repairs into their offer price.

    Keep It Cool

    Don’t turn up the heat up in your home prior to showings, especially if it’s still a little chilly outside. They’ll be entering your property in coats, and the hotter it is inside, the sooner they’ll want to leave. A warm home isn’t always a welcome home. You want a potential buyer to spend as much time in your home as possible. The longer they stay the easier it becomes for them to envision themselves in the home.

    What’s My Home Worth?

    Now that you’ve read up on how to prepare your home for market, you might be wondering what your home will likely sell for in the current real estate market. We’re happy to offer your a FREE No-Obligation Market Analysis or Valuation on your property. This includes an in-depth analysis with comparable recently sold homes in your neighborhood and current market trends that will affect the value of your property in the eyes of the consumer. Turn around times for a FREE valuation are 24 hours and you can expect a FREE consultation either in person or over the phone. For more information and to request a valuation, please call (509) 979-5516 or visit: FREE Market Analysis on Your Home Today

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